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07- 09 April 2018


Meet The Islamic University of Lebanon at TA'LEEM 2016


Meet The Islamic University of Lebanon at TA'LEEM 2016

The Islamic University of Lebanon is a private Lebanese institution of higher education, licensed under decree n° 8600 of the 12th of June 1996. The Vanished Imam Sayed Moussa Sadr brought this idea forth and laid the groundwork for establishing this institution. The departed Imam Sheikh Mohammad Mahdi Shamseddine (May Allah sanctify his soul) made his best endeavors and utmost efforts to build this institution. Today, Imam Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan, the vice president of the Supreme Shiite Council and the chairman of its Board of Trustees, continues to develop and improve the university. Dr. Hassan Chalabi has been the President of this institution since it was founded.

This university seeks to contribute to the solution proposed by the Supreme Shiite Council in Lebanon which deals with the national coalition and consolidation of the different sects and religions in the Lebanese civil community, where one political framework encompasses an equitable state for all its citizens. Therefore, this institution is committed to providing faith and knowledge as an inspirational source for the nation, the citizen, the state and the Lebanese society as a whole.

The Islamic University is a national project for the future, arising from a vision of Lebanon as a pioneer in all the different domains of modern knowledge. This institution aims at popularizing and deepening higher education, while taking into consideration the historic and contemporary conditions that are indispensable to a balanced perspective, so that learning becomes the bedrock for the development of the nation. The University recognizes the 21st century’s scientific and economic developments, which present exciting new prospects for Lebanon, the Arabic world, and the Islamic world. Furthermore, it contributes to the scientific advancement that keeps pace with all the different societies that preceded us in the field of modern science. Therefore, the university has moved to implement new specializations, improving the quality of the curriculum, and meeting job market demands in the domain of business and services in Lebanon and the Arab and Islamic world. This institution has been working to improve the academic level and to strengthen cooperation and coordination of educational and cultural ties with other universities and institutions, inside and outside Lebanon.

University officials are fully aware that any single institution, no matter how qualified or efficient, will never achieve these high ambitions. They hope that the Lebanese, Arabic, and Islamic civil communities will also be able to play such a vital role in accomplishing this great task. Society can provide different kinds of moral and physical support from individuals, institutions, and associations. The Islamic University of Lebanon is a nonprofit institution, and it aims at providing both Lebanese and non-Lebanese students with higher education without any discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, religion, or sect, in the spirit of openness towards all the different world cultures.

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